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Who We Are

Aruksa Thai Massage

In Aruksa ThaI Massage we take the health in general and massage in particular extremely seriously so all our therapists are equipped with the following certificates:

A place where you can heal and enjoy.



Aom Chuthatip

Titled as a therapist of thai massage traditional Thai Society of Medical Services Traditional.

Gained experience as a massage therapist in Hotel of high standing in the center of Madrid for 4 years ( Ritz Hotel and Hotel Hospes Puerta de Alcalá) and then 2 years as a freelancer working for the main thai massage centre in Madrid.

Oan Siriwan

Titled as Traditional Medical Thai by the Medical Council of Traditional Thai and the License of Doctor of Traditional Thai.

Gained experience as a therapist physician in the most prestigious venues in Bangkok (Thailand) for 20 years. In addition, he acts as a teacher of traditional thai massage at the conference, organized by the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand.

Our therapists

or therapists

We have acquired experience as professional therapists, being able to perceive pain in the body, having a deep understanding of how to treat the areas and thus relieve pain and relaxing your muscles to improve your health and therefore you can live better and more relaxed. .

The benefits of massage are the following:

  • ◉ It helps blood flow smoothly, being able to transport oxygen and nutrients throughout the body in a more efficient way.
  • ◉ It helps the body eliminate the waste we accumulate.
  • ◉ Helps blood vessels work efficiently.
  • ◉ Helps relax muscles in the tense areas.
  • ◉ It stimulates the lymphatic system to circulate well and thus help the immune system by destroying pathogens.



From Aruksa Thai Massage we are concerned about the hygiene and we have taken the highest measures of prevention anti Covid19 for you to experience with us is as safe as possible.

The measures taken will start with your arrival at the center with the temperature taking, hydroalcoholic gel for the hands, covered shoes and a health questionnaire to get a better understanding of your needs.

In addition, the measures taken in all of our cabins are the installation of fans to promote the correct ventilation of the cabin air, air disinfection machine, ozone, bed sheets and covers stretchers disposable, disposable underwear. In addition to the disinfection of all materials that we use in the treatment with the tested products.

Our staff is highly qualified and ready in protocols anti Covid 19 with proper attire in which consists of masks, gloves and protects the face.

With all these elements we Aruksa Thai Massage a place to covid free.

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